I appreciate the time you spent touring the neighborhoods with me, but most of all I appreciate your insight. You provided me with awareness of the city and of the social structure that I could not have developed so quickly on my own. I appreciate how special my day was with you — The Super Star Recruiter.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Physician

Jeff said he has worked with six relocation consultants in the past and he never found them useful. He went on to say that you, however, stand in sharp contrast and are a great value-add. And, yes, that’s a fact and not just a compliment.

Cardinal Health Human Resource V.P.

The transition plans that you have partnered with us to develop for our high profile candidates and executive hires have been truly outstanding. Your level of assessment and flawless execution of every detail is very much appreciated by transitioning associates, their families, and most of all me—your efforts make my job so much easier!

Tween Brands Human Resource V.P.

I am a veteran corporate wife and mover, and this experience was a first for me! Usually my introduction to a city is via a realtor whose main interest and expertise is selling houses. You provided me with a comprehensive tour of Columbus and its suburbs. I felt no pressure to define my housing needs before a move is even determined! By seeing everything the city has to offer, I am better able to make up my own mind as to whether a move is doable and what areas appeal to me.

Cardinal Health, Executive

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you as we have worked on our various recruitments. Many of these would not have been possible without your insight and assistance. I look forward to many more years of working together to continue to bring the best and the brightest to work at Nationwide Children’s.

Nationwide Children’s, CEO

Thanks for playing such a critical role in our endeavor to hire a great new VP Sales — you made an impact!

Crane Plastics, CEO

You played a very integral role in recruiting John and we are grateful. I’m quickly learning that your connections, contacts, knowledge, and experience are invaluable in closing deals like this one!

The Ohio State University, Physician

John and I are so grateful to Bruce Meyer for making the introduction. It is such a pleasure to work with someone who is knowledgeable about the entire Columbus area (from real estate to the arts!) and who has no hidden agenda. I am looking forward to visiting Columbus again this weekend.

Nationwide Children’s, Physician

My wife and I enjoyed your presentation of Columbus as a “great place to live.” You informed us and made us feel welcome. Karen interviewed at numerous university medical centers throughout the country and Connections provides the best introductory print packages and orientation tour of them all. Your service is in a league of its own. The University is wise to use your services.

The Ohio State University, Physician

Your partnership during the courting of potential executives and your attention to every transition detail has, on several occasions, been a determining factor in a candidate’s decision to accept our employment offer.

Cardinal Health, Human Resource VP